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Downhill Biking with Haleakala Bike Company

Downhill Biking with Haleakala Bike Company
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If you like to bike, biking down the slopes of Haleakala Volcano is a must-do. For miles you’ll enjoy incredible views and an an exciting trip down the volcano. We feel Haleakala Bike Company offers the best trip because it’s self-paced, has the best safety record, and the best prices.


Our Experience

The last thing we wanted to do on vacation was attempt to load our bikes onto our rental car, drive the windy roads to Haleakala without having a clue where the best bike trails are and end up discouraged and disgruntled. Enter the heroes of Haleakala Bike Company, whose expert guides took care of everything!

From the comfort of their first-class van, we were able to take in the breathtaking sites as they drove us up to the crater. Once we arrived, our experienced guide paved the way for an incredible ride. After an awesome day of bike excursions, we were doubly grateful for the ice cold air conditioning that the van provided. Overall, we credit our excellent biking experience to Haleakala Bike Company! A definite must-do for our next expedition.


Top 5 Maui Biking Tips

Tip#1 – Safety First

If you’re not comfortable on a bike, don’t do any of this. There are plenty of fun things to do in Maui within your comfort level.

Tip#2 – Ride at Your Own Pace

A lot of the tour companies make you keep up with everyone. That’s why we suggest Haleakala Bike Company. Their self-paced tours have the best safety record thanks to you being able to ride at your comfort level.

Tip#3 – Do The Sunrise

If you can get up early enough, the sunrise tours are the best. If the weather cooperates, you’ll get the view of a lifetime.

Tip#4 – Stop at Kula Lodge

Stop and enjoy breakfast or lunch with great views at the Kula Lodge. Another reason to do a self-paced tour.

Tip#5 – Bring a Camera

The views along the slopes of Haleakala are unparalleled. You’ll get photos you won’t believe.


For more information, please visit Haleakala Bike Company or call (888) 922-2453.