Maui Guide

Maalaea Panoramic Photos

Here are some of our favorite Panoramic Photos from the central Maui area of Maalaea and its surrounding areas.


Maalaea Harbor

Here are a group of photos of Maalaea Harbor, which is one of the main reasons to visit Maalaea.


Maui Ocean Center

We visit the Maui Ocean Center on a monthly basis.  The shark tank along is worth the trip!



Estuary Trail

Not many visitors visit the Estuary.  Walking the trail on a nice day is a lot of fun.


View of South Maui

You can see straight across to Kihei and Wailea from Maalaea Harbor.


Humpback Competition Pod

This pod of whales was captures by Natalie Brown on a gorgeous day just off the coast of Maalaea.



Outrigger, Glass and Whales

Our friends at Hawaiian Paddle Sports managed to get mugged by whales on a beautiful day.


Pride of Maui

One of our favorite boats is the Pride of Maui for sunset cruises, snorkeling, and whale watches.  They also offer snuba diving!


Sunset on the water

Nothing beats a sunset on the water.  This one was tame, and yet it still dropped jaws.


West Maui and Maalaea

Maalaea is in the center of this image.  To the left is Lahaina and to the right is Kihei.


Maalaea Dingy

Maalaea Harbor is pretty great and can accommodate most boats.  The owner of this parked their boats inside its boat.  But, we’re sure Maalaea is where they went to get ashore.


Shallow Shore

The water around Maalaea is ultra-shallow and beautiful.


Sunrise on the Pali

We were lucky enough to enjoy a beautiful sunrise along the Pali.

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