Farming the way farming should really be. Sustainable, organic (where possible), and humane. Maui farms are a breed apart from most the rest of the world.


The Future of Farming

maui farm toursSustainable

Ali’i Kula Lavender farm has coined the term “Sustainable Aloha”, and they put it to good use. This term goes beyond agricultural practices and moves right into business practices and community involvement. Farms that embrace Sustainable Aloha don’t make a decision without measuring its impact on the surrounding community. That means a driving force in making any changes has to be a positive change for their neighbors. We think this is special, and it’s a beautiful thing to spread to other businesses on Maui, in Hawaii, and around the world!



Farms like Hana’s Ono Farms are bringing new meaning to Organic. When you first step onto their farm, your first impression is, “This places is gorgeous! Where’s the farm?” Ono farms is a freely growing sprawl of multiple crops growing at their own pace and leisure. If plants could be measured for happiness, these guys would be on cloud 9. And you can taste the “Plant Joy” in every natural, fresh bite. There, we coined our own term!



Some of our farms focus on serving the local community by growing food and flowers for nearby restaurants, farmers markets, and grocery stores.  None of the farms take it to the level of local like the Maui Tropical Plantation.  Organic Farms, such as Kumu Farms, grow food only a 60 second walk to the kitchen at The Mill House Restaurant.  This means you’ll often be dining on delicious fresh veggies and fruit literally pulled from the ground or their trees within the hour.

Maui Tropical Plantation



Happy cows actually come from Maui. And, believe it or not, happy goats do, too! Surfing Goat Dairy puts so much energy into making sure their goats have happy, stressless and full lives, that I’m surprised they have time to make cheese. You won’t find this cheese outside of Hawaii, which adds to its charm. We talked with one of their representatives at length trying to poke a hole in their caregiving practices, and we found them to be flawless. If reincarnation exists, I’d be very happy to be born a goat on their farm (and preferably a male… ask them why when you go.)

Living Earth Systems

Living Earth Systems is one of the only regenerative agriculture tours on Maui. We go beyond organic to grow delicious food while replenishing and rehabilitating the land. Our holistic approach integrates ancient and modern systems including aquaculture, aquaponics, vermiculture (earthworms), agroforestry, and carbon sequestration. On the Living Earth Systems farm tour, you’ll see how fruits like banana, papaya, and superfoods like moringa are grown, and you’ll have the opportunity to see the traditional Polynesian Voyaging Plants and taste fresh sugar cane juice. You’ll also get to see wild boar and giant tortoises up close.

Living Earth Systems


HI Agricultural Tourism

organic farming mauiHawaii Leads the World in Agricultural Tourism!

What a concept? People go to Maui farms for the pleasure of learning, participating, and enjoying fresh local products from the source. Not only is Agricultural tourism good for visitors whom want to appreciate Maui’s pureness at 100%, but it’s good for the economy and people.

Learn more about what we think is the most exciting thing to happen to Hawaii since the Big Island’s formation by visiting Hawaii Agritourism Association.

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