Maui isn’t just for doing but also for seeing.  We’ve reviewed some of the best places shoot photography as well as artists and galleries worth visiting. Please feel free to share your ratings too!

Maui Art Categories

Maui Art Galleries

Maui art galleries
Almost every part of the island has some art galleries worth visiting.

We’ve put together the most comprehensive list of Maui art galleries we think is possible.  Visit galleries that appeal to your particular taste!

Maui Art Galleries

Maui Artists

Maui artists

We’ve shared some of our favorite resident Maui artists.

Maui artists’ biographies, sample artwork, and much more!  Please let us know if we’re missing any great Maui artists.

Maui Artists

Maui Artist Bios

Here you can read about Maui artists across various types of art including painting, photography, music, and more.

Diane Appler

Michael John Peters

Karim Iliya

Kenny Loyd

Brandon Kralik

Lori Koprowski

Natalie Brown

Christopher Norberg

Ron Phillips

Ellen Bellerose

Michael Stark

Greg Hoxsie

Sean Michael

Caroline Quan

Kenn Briner

Peggy Thompson


Elan Vital

Thomas Metcalf

Jefferson Stillwell

Jeanne Gallagher


Maui Living Furniture

Karen Whitworth

William S.B. Tully

JA Taylor

Denise Marie Lamar

John Romaine

Blake Hill


Grins 2 Go

Ben Kottke

Ryan Staub & Moana Glass




Maui panoramic photos