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This is the go-to breakfast on Maui!
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If you live on Maui – or have visited Maui in the last twenty years – you already know that Kihei Caffe is the place to be around breakfast time.

Kihei Caffe’s original location is in the Kihei Kalama Village, across the street from Kalama Park. I know the food is really good, but I never stop in because it gets very crowded here. I’m talking line out the door, nowhere to sit crowded.

However, Kihei Caffe has another location at the Maui Coast Hotel, just down the street from their original restaurant. Lucky for me (and all lovers of pancakes), I recently discovered this location is a tad less crowded and has much more seating. Which means… I finally got the delicious Kihei Caffe breakfast I was dreaming of one day before going to work.

Kihei Caffe Review

Like the original Kihei Caffe, the Maui Coast Hotel location offers counter service. Personally, I prefer counter service, especially at breakfast. Things just seem to go a little more smoothly – and you can take as long as you need to review the menu. And trust me, you’ll want to take a minute or two to look it over. There are an incredible number of menu options at Kihei Caffe.

I checked out the menu for a minute or two and saw all the same favorites, like loco moco, breakfast burritos, and the famous 2-2-2 Breakfast Slam. But I arrived already knowing I wanted pancakes with macadamia nuts and bananas – and that’s exactly what I got. I also noticed there were some goodies up front, like cinnamon rolls heaping with frosting, some fresh fruit and yogurt bowls, and more baked goods.

Macadamia Nut Pancakes

Service was quick and friendly. After ordering, I grabbed my iced coffee from the drink pickup counter and found a two-top table facing South Kihei Road. The restaurant is open-air, and tropical plants border the entire place. From where I was sitting, I could see the sun rising over Haleakala and people watch on South Kihei Road. All in all, it’s a great vibe.

open-air restaurant Maui

The wait for my food was short. A food runner came out with my pancakes, which looked even more beautiful than I imagined — and tasted just as good. Hot tip: if you get the banana mac nut pancakes at Kihei Caffe, skip the maple syrup and go all in with the coconut syrup. So. Good.

If you’re intimidated by long lines and crowds – or just enjoy great pancakes – be sure to stop at Kihei Caffe’s Maui Coast Hotel location. The goodness doesn’t end at breakfast, either. This location is open for lunch and dinner and even has a bar and live music in the evenings!

Kihei Caffe at the Maui Coast Hotel is open daily from 7 am to 9 pm.

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