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We’ve been to most of the luaus on Maui, and we’ve found the Grand Wailea Luau, Honua’ula, to have both pros and cons over the other Maui luaus for various reasons.

Luau show on Maui


A Superior Show

We really enjoyed the show.  The performers were fun, professional, and very good at what they do.  The MC/host was fantastic.  She was real.  No cheesiness, just real authentic Hawaiian with a lot of aloha.  We also liked that the show was pure Maui.  All the songs and dancing were Maui-style.  You could hear it in each song.

The dancers were having fun, you could tell. They were funny without coming off hokey.  The fire dancing was superb, and we enjoyed the aerial silk dancing too.

Maui luau show


Dinner Feast

Most of the food was really good, though the pork was a little dry this night.  The fish was perfect, the chicken delicious, and all the sides excellent.  Our server was great. He kept us stocked with freshly blended cocktails, beer, and wine.  We had standard tickets, and our table was still in a perfect location to watch the show.

luau Feast Maui


Grand Location and Grounds

The sunset view at the Grand Wailea is incredible.  You can’t really beat it.  The grounds are well-kept, and we appreciated real grass under our feet.  Some of the luaus shows are up against the ocean view, which is nice if it starts before sunset.  This one is in the opposite direction, which isn’t a big deal since the real show starts after sunset.  Some luaus like Feast at Lele have switched to this format, with the show in the opposite direction.  Not sure why.

Grand Wailea Maui


The Grand Luau at Honua’ula


Voyagers of the Pacific journeyed across the open seas traveling in search of new lands to call home.


The stars guided our voyaging ancestors across the open ocean leading them northward.  Those precious stars became the sailing maps of the pacific skies.


Kahekili, the thunder chief of Maui, was feared throughout all the island for his great bravery and strength.  He was victorious in battle wherever he went.  the men of Honua’ula show the fearlessness of him and his warriors in a battle hula depicting fighting techniques and strikes.


The legend of Pele, the goddess of the volcanoes, describes the early migrations.  Her travels bring her to these islands where her lava continues to flow, bringing forth new land.


High above, at the majestic peak of Haleakala, a misty rain lingers. The mythical goddess Lilinoe resides there, nourishing the uploads of Honua’ula.


These islands were a favorite port for many sailors who served the pacific in the 40’s and 50’s.  The favorite thing to see were the dancing hula girls. Enjoy as we take a step back in time and have fun with Swing Time Hawai’i.


The clouds of Honua’ula are home to the goddess we call Na’ulu. She glides through the heavens to visit her lover Kanaloa across the sea.  This love story is truly a beauty to behold.


Deep in the night, magical people appear from the shadows.  They are the “kanaka ahi” or fire dancers.  By firelight they get into a little mischief as they play and dance within the wild flames until sunrise.


Only the Masters truly know the secret of the fire.  They command this power to dance and spin. We feature the three-time world champion fire knife dancer Ifi So’o.  You will be amazed as the master makes fire come to life.

emu feast at the Luau

Grand Wailea Luau


Final synopsis

We really enjoyed the Grand Wailea Luau, Honua’ula.  It was a lot of fun with great staff, excellent views, and one of the better shows on Maui.  We’ll be going again next year to see how it’s changed, if at all.

For tickets, call (808) 892-3177 or book online for your Grand Wailea Luau Tickets.

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  1. Janice

    Not at all impressed with your staff’s handling of disabled people. They put us at the worse possible table even though I told them it was my granddaugter’s First time to a luau and there was plenty of open tables. Not happy.


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