gallagher_photoMedium: Pastel and charcoal.

Style: Impressionism.

Technique: Pastel and colored pencil.



baldwinave_millI have a basic concept—we are here to see each other through, not through each other….I’ve found the perfect way to express my belief is by creating art for others to explore. I believe we view art to discover and connect to something in ourselves we aren’t otherwise aware of. Calling forth the expression of what we see, is more what we feel—-a visual to visceral experience.


coconut_climberRobert Henri said “Cherish your own emotions and never undervalue them….” I discovered how important each of them were after I could really begin to see mine emerge in my paintings. It’s fascinating to be told what people hear and feel, as opposed to what they “see” when viewing one of my works.

It is said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Nowhere is this more conclusively characterized than through art. What one man sees as beautiful, another may see as offensive, non-descript, even ugly. Still, in the viewing he is changed somehow. Through art, mysterious bonds of understanding and knowledge are created and established among men…….

haleakalahighwayI must give homage to strokes. Whether it be pastel, watercolor, oil or any other medium. There are miserly strokes. There are rich, fluent, ardent strokes. Strokes that carry you up and some that call you down. They are the message carrier. Whatever feeling, whatever state an artist is in at the time of the stroke, will register on the canvas. To capture the integrity of a wave….the nuance in a smile….the poetry in a leaf. To create form or gesture, which is the most ancient avenue of expression—of communication between living creatures, and create them successfully, is an astounding reward in painting.

Therefore, I present to you images of things familiar and unfamiliar in the hope you will see the life stirring in them.


wailukuhighlandsArt Background:
Began painting in 1993. Started with Rafael Maniago in late 1993. Master portrait and landscape artist.

Birthplace & Migration to Maui:
Washington, D.C.

Photography, videography, filmmaking, writing, helicopter filming.


Memberships:  American Cetacean Society

Other locations where Jeanne’s work can be seen:
Kahana Fine Arts Studio, Kahana, Maui.

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