Color Pencil Drawing

Realist. Detailed drawings with emphasis on nature and scenic vistas including landscapes, seascapes, and shells.

Each of my pictures is individually enhanced with color pencil highlights. The effect is a vibrant jewel-like color and a rich depth that is very unique. These highlights cannot be seen through your monitor and are truly magnificent when viewed in your environment.

Natural beauty inspires me along with oddities of nature. The old Flemish and renaissance artists; John Singer Sargent.

It is important to stay true to what I am good at. While Picasso and many greats inspire me to do what I do best– realism

Art Background:
I started drawing as a child and prefered drawing over any other activity. While studying illustration, through portraiture, I discovered my niche in realism where I now focus on nature.

Born in Chicago, September 30, 1957. Grew up in Falls Church, VA.

downbymamasMigration to Maui:
While visiting a friend from Virginia, on Maui, over 10 years ago, I discovered the large community of artists here and I knew I would flourish here.

N.Virginia Community College. One degree in Fine Art and another in Illustration.

I love to run, hike and to play chess.

Lahaina Arts Society

4 Responses

  1. Scott and Diane

    Hey. Did you work at a music store in northern Virginia years ago? Penguin Feather?

  2. Kathy

    I recentry acquired a print called white bird at a sale it is signed by you. It is c alley white bird. When was it done.

  3. Richard

    Hey John. Just would like to say hello. I remember working with you for a short time at Flair Graphics located in Skyline Mall near Bailey’s Crossroads in Northern Virginia in the late 80s. Best regards.

  4. Sylwia

    Hello John, today I bought two of your works in Edinburgh, Scotland. You made my day. Thank you. Stay save.


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