sunset cruise

Sunset Cruise

Sunsets over the water are amazing, which is why the south and west side of Maui are so popular. Sunsets ON the water, however, are even more amazing.
maalaea restaurant
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Seascape Ma`alaea Restaurant

We’ve been visiting the Maui Ocean Center on a regular basis for close to a decade without trying the food at their Seascape Ma`alaea Restaurant.
maalaea harbor

Maalaea Panoramic Photos

Here are some of our favorite Panoramic Photos from the central Maui area of Maalaea and its surrounding areas.   Maalaea Harbor Here are a group of photos of Maalaea Harbor, which is one of the ma...
Maui Sunseeker

Kohea Kai Resort Review

I would’ve appreciated an excuse for not leaving the hotel at all! I loved every part of my stay there, and would recommend it to anyone!