Ben Kottke is a Maui-based lifestyle, art, wedding & surf photographer. From family portraits to aerial drone footage, Ben Kottke is well-versed in various styles of digital capture.



Film and Digital Photography printed on various mediums.


Ocean waves from under and over water.

Ben Kottke Surf Photography


Ben Kottke Technique:

Trying to capture that perfect moment. I only like to showcase the best photos of my 20 years of shooting.

Ben Kottke Wedding Photography



My inspiration comes from the ocean. I dream of waves and water and how light reflects and refracts off it.


Art Background:

Surfing Magazine Senior photographer, Flame photo award, multiple ad campaigns for various high-end clothing and swimwear companies.

Ben Kottke Surfing Magazine



Virginia Beach VA


Migration to Maui: 

Moved here 2007/8

Ben Kottke Family Portrait Photography



BS James Madison University



Surfing and chasing my 3 kids around

Ben Kottke Photography Water Sports


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