Bold bright colors applied in layers to achieve vibrant paintings full of life.

When Karen Whitworth visited Hawaii for the first time she knew her art would never be the same.  From a young age art was a constant passion in Karen’s life. Especially art focused on nature. Her appreciation for nature’s beauty was sparked in Karen’s home state of Alaska. This region emits a rugged beauty that is a stark contrast to the warmth and vibrant colors that envelop her new inspiration; Hawaii.

morningA persistent dream through the years to visit the islands of Hawaii became a reality in 2008. During her visit, Karen discovered exactly what had been calling her all those years; An unparalleled beauty and intensity of life, especially on Maui. As a result of this new obsession Karen has found a way to keep the Aloha Spirit alive in her paintings. She preserves her impressions and encounters through paint in a way all who share this love of Hawaii can appreciate. Many of her paintings feature the use of metallic and pearlescent powders to enhance and embrace a tropical glow, an effect that adds another dimension to Karen’s work.

I have been blessed with a passion to create. I like to think of it as my way of imitating the Creator. Finding beauty in the simple things of life brings me joy, especially when I get to share it with others.

Art Background 
Mainly self taught Karen has always seen perseverance, discipline to push forward, as well as the constant support from her family and friends as the contributing factors to her success. She has received many awards for her work, and shows her work at festivals throughout her home state.

Portland, OR

Enjoying the outdoors with her husband and two small children, hiking, gardening, and experimenting in the kitchen.

You can find more of Karen’s work at


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