maui glassblowing classes

Maui Artist: Ryan Staub & Moana Glass

Learn more about Maui artist Ryan Staub, owner of Lahaina's only furnace glassblowing studio, Moana Glass. Take a glassblowing class or tour the studio.
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Island Art Party Review

Creativity on Maui is not hard to find. From a variety of interesting art galleries to authentic Hawaiian celebrations and festivals, residents and visitors have many opportunities to see and appreciate Maui's ...
lori koprowski

Maui Artist Bio: Lori Koprowski

Medium: Oil. Style: Contemporary Expressionism. Technique: Lori paints in oil on canvas, wood and paper using brushes, oil sticks, pencils and her fingers. Philosophy: "Art is a way of life for me. ...
Brandon Kralik

Maui Artist Bio: Brandon Kralik

Medium: Oils. Style: Kitsch. Technique: Painting strictly from life, I use the finest pigments and oils available in the traditional Dutch style of applying layer upon layer upon layer of paint to ac...
kenny loyd art

Maui Artist Bio: Kenny Loyd

Medium: Oils. Style: Modern Expressionism. Inspiration: I stay inspired knowing that I'm able to communicate to some people the fun and joy that I have in living and painting on Maui. Philosophy: Li...
Norberg wave painting

Maui Artist Bio: Christopher Norberg

Chris Norberg has delved in many art forms (mostly digital), but painting and drawing are his true loves.   Medium: Oils, Acrylic (via airbrush and brush), Charcoal, Pen & Ink, Pencil, Scratchboa...
Ron Phillips

Maui Artist Bio: Ron Phillips

Medium: Oils, Acrylics, Pen & Ink. Style: Expressionism/Realism - With the exception of pen and ink, I try to infuse a lot of color to convey the moment and the mood I want to suggest. Technique: I t...
michael stark art

Maui Artist Bio: Michael Stark

Medium: Acrylics with oil finish. Style: Contemporary, figurative Hawaiian and marine art. Technique: I often start with airbrush, then use large down to small brushes. Inspiration: My inspiration ...
peggy thompson

Maui Artist Bio: Peggy Thompson

Medium: Oils, Acrylic, Pastel, Pencil, Pen and Ink. Style: Palette knife landscapes. Technique:  I have used watercolors, pastels, acrylics, pencil, and pen & ink in the past. But, 3 years ago ...
elan vital

Maui Artist Bio: Elan Vital

 Medium: Utilizing state of the art aerospace enamel, Elan pours up to 70 layers of natural pigments and minerals infused into the enamel to capture the essence of gemstones on canvas. The enamel protects the p...