Watercolor and acrylic


Layering of pigment.

Color relationship and sense of design.

My intention in art is to be a conduit for the energy of any given area, attitude, or event.

Art Background:
Attended two art colleges on scholarships and a color theory workshop by Richard Nelson, Maui 1993.

Las Vegas, Nevada.

Migration to Maui:

Pasedena Art Center of Design and
Cleveland Institute of Art (Scholarships)

Life on Maui!

Lahaina Arts Society

Other locations where William’s work can be seen:

Lahaina Arts Society Banyan Tree Art Fair, showing the second and fourth weekends of each month under the famous Banyan Tree in Lahaina, Maui.

Lahaina Arts Society Banyan Tree Gallery, Lahaina, Maui.

Lahaina Arts Society Old Jail Gallery, Lahaina, Maui.

Simon-Jon Gallery, Lahaina.


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  1. Leon Ayers

    Billy ur art is still the best….n i know… Because I’ve. Loved your art ever since you started…..this is Leon Ayers …i use to do your moms n 2 of ur sisters hair n cut yours…..i had a salon in the shore…called ” Our Gang Hair Parlour,if u rember…is Danny still living in San Francisco…n pookee still in Wyoming. Or Idaho ? I remember when u first went to the Ilands…caused quite a staer….I’ve. Watched n followed ur style all these years….i remember b 4 u left u were in somewhat of a dark time in your life….well i c the Gods have blessd you….i still have (3 ) of ur paintings all these yrs. People have loved them as i have….1. The train in pineapple fields..2..the little bonolow on the water..3..the fram house n open land….i live in LB (Bixby Knowles)would like to hear from u if u. Like….562 4801102.. 7w9 e. 36 st. LB ,ca. 90807…..all 3 of my pics u panited in High school. …


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