Medium: Photography.

I use only existing light and approach my photography in a non-intrusive way. I look at life a few feet at a time. I lean toward sculptural and “form”-based subjects. I look for hidden works of art produced by nature.

I am heavily influenced by many mid-20th century masters such as Minor White, Paul Strand, and Edward Weston.

Art is all around us, many times in close proximity, but sometimes in unexpected places. I try to see “outside the box” of conventional perception. Photography has had a profound affect on my way of life. I am infinitely more in tune with my surroundings as a result.

Art Background:briner-blacksand
Lifelong artist in various mediums. A professed inspiration junkie. Recent solo exhibitions in Italy, Germany and Switzerland.

Rochester, New York.

Migration to Maui:
Los Angeles, 1995.

Formal musical training, self-taught in the field of photography.

Surfing, reading, writing music, exploring uncharted areas (literally and figuratively).

Lahaina Arts Society – Board of Directors.

Other locations where Kenn’s work can be seen:

Exclusively at the Paia Contemporary Gallery.


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