photo-kimanaMedium: Watercolor

Vitreous flux water media is the absolutely magnificent visual effect created by using a micro- thin layer of water color on a hard board. The affect is like moving liquid light.


David C.Baker my mentor, and inventor of this technique, passed this on to me more than 30 years ago. His art spirit and exuberant love of life kindled my art awakening, leading to endless discoveries and creativity. Life presents inspiration to be recreated in art. I am a Lightsplasher and my inspiration comes from an attunement with Nature and the greater part of myself aligned with Divine Guidance and the Supreme Creator.

I beleive that as an artist it is an opportunity to pay attention and speak truth through painting. My work is a meditation that uplifts, and reminds the viewer to see the beauty in this world and take it to heart .

magentafallsArt Background:
I have been expressing myself visually my entire life, and realised it to be my highest calling.

I was born in New Hampshire and have lived close to nature, in the mountains and by lakes most of my life.

I took formal art training at Montserrat School of Visual Arts, and then unschooling with David Baker. I have painted in Europe & India and have collectors world wide..

Migration to Maui:
I have lived many places and moved with my family to Kauai 8 years ago and then to Maui 2 years ago.

Lahaina Art Society, Maui.
Hui No’eau Visual Art Center,Maui.
Planetary Activation Group, Maui.

Other Activities:
Kimana is also an instructor with the organization “Art Adventure” that focuses on the development of the artist within all of us. For more information on their upcoming art adventure on Molokai June 5-11, 2004, please call Kimana at 808.876.0999.

My illustrations and graphic designs have won national awards and in print with a series of designs in Hugh Carpenter’s cookbooks Pacific Flavors & Chopstix.

rosegoddessOther locations where Kimana’s work can be seen:

Lahaina Arts Society Banyan Tree Art Fair, showing the second and fourth weekends of each month under the famous Banyan Tree in Lahaina, Maui.

Lahaina Arts Society Banyan Tree Gallery, Lahaina, Maui.

Lahaina Arts Society Old Jail Gallery, Lahaina, Maui.

The Crystal Room Gallery, Mt.Shasta.

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