Ron Phillips

Maui Artist Bio: Ron Phillips

After graduating from New York’s High School of Art and Design, I spent four years in the US Air Force two of which as a Graphics Illustrator.
michael stark art

Maui Artist Bio: Michael Stark

I have no formal art education, and am self-taught. I painted as a hobby for 25 years and I have been a professional artist since 1994.
elan vital

Maui Artist Bio: Elan Vital

 Medium: Utilizing state of the art aerospace enamel, Elan pours up to 70 layers of natural pigments and minerals infused into the enamel to capture the essence of gemstones on canvas. The enamel protects the p...
peggy thompson

Maui Artist Bio: Peggy Thompson

I have used watercolors, pastels, acrylics, pencil, and pen & ink in the past. But, 3 years ago I picked up the palette knife and I have been using it ever since
Maui artists

Maui Artist Bio: Karen Whitworth

From a young age art was a constant passion in Karen’s life. Especially art focused on nature. Her appreciation for nature’s beauty was sparked in Karen’s home state of Alaska.
Maui artists

Maui Artist Bio: Kimana

Kimana is also an instructor with the organization “Art Adventure” that focuses on the development of the artist within all of us.
Maui artists

Maui Artist Bio: JA Taylor

I received some school awards for my work as a young teenager, but never really pursued art seriously during my school years.