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Haleakala Crater

Rising to an elevation above 10,000 feet, Haleakala commands attention from most areas on the island.  Visiting this massive volcano is one of the most popular things to do for visitors and locals.  Most get up at 4am in order to catch it for sunrise, but we’ve found that visiting during the day is much easier, less-crowded and offers incredible views too.  And what better way to visit than on a hike, going to areas most don’t!

Maui hiking adventure

A Fully Immersive Hiking Experience

So, when presented the opportunity for a jaunt to Haleakala with Humble Tours, I couldn’t say no. However, ruining the night before in order to get up super early at 4am didn’t work for me.  Thankfully, Humble Tours takes small groups hiking at 8am, so there’s no rush.  

Humble Tours

This 7 hour journey takes you to 2 different trails inside Haleakala National Park with amazing views!  Lunch and snacks are included, so really all we needed to bring was a hat and good shoes.  They provided us with waters, jackets and backpacks too.

Haleakala Maui Hawaii hike

I learned a ton about the history and geography of the island.  It was great exercise too! Though it’s not an extremely advanced hike, it shouldn’t be done by someone that can’t handle moderate hiking for a full day.

Haleakala hikers


I highly suggest doing the Haleakala Hike with Humble Tours.  Mahalo!

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