flying into mauiKahului Airport is the main airport used on Maui. We do have 2 other airports: Kapalua Airport (JHM) and Hana Airport (HNM). Learn more about Kahului Town. And check out the discovery flight where you can learn to fly.



From Airport

When leaving the airport, you’ll be on Highway 380.

arriving in maui• West Side
(Maalaea, Lahaina, Kaanapali, Kapalua, Kahana, Napili)
Continue straight on 380 past Hana Hwy and past the Mokulele Hwy 311. Take this road all the way to Maalaea. To the west side, you keep going straight along the curvy cliff area of the Pali.
Duration around an hour.

• South Side
(Kihei, Wailea, Makena)
Continue straight on 380 past Hana Hwy. Turn left at Mokulele Hwy 311. Follow it all the way to the south side.
Duration around 30-45 minutes.

Wailuku Town
Turn right on Hana State Hwy 36. You’ll soon turn left on Kaahumanu Ave. Follow it all the way to Wailuku.
Duration around 15-20 minutes.

• East Side & Upcountry
(Paia, Hana, Makawao, Kula)
Turn left on Hana State Hwy 36 and follow it towards Hana. If you’re going Upcountry, turn right on Haleakala Hwy 37.
Duration any where from 20 minutes (Paia) to 2 1/2 hours (Hana).

To Airport

Drive towards Kahului. Once you get closer you should see signs for the airport. You’ll pass Costco on the right side. You’re smart, see above and work backwards.


Agricultural Declaration Form

kahului airport mapWhen you fly into the State of Hawaii, you’ll be given a small form to fill out. One side is for declarations and is mandatory. The other side is a questionnaire and is voluntary. Most people don’t realize this and fill it out.

It’s illegal for you to not fill out the Hawaii Agricultural Declaration Form. Flight attendants will collect the forms prior to landing.


Parking & Car Rentals

Airport Parking:

If you’re only there for a short while to pick someone up and you don’t want to drive the loop forever, they won’t charge you to park (if under 30 minutes.)

Long term parking is usually available, though costly. Sometimes, during busy season, you’ll have to park your car off-site a few miles away at a remote lot. Once we did this, and when we returned, they said they didn’t have a shuttle for us. We had to hitchhike with all of our baggage to get to our car. This is a perfect example of typical Maui organizational skills.

Car Rentals:

When leaving the baggage area, walk to the right where the road begins to curve. There you’ll find a building with agents for the different rental agencies. Around the corner from them will be a shuttle waiting area. Walk past the agents and turn right. You can’t miss it.

If you’ve rented a car through one of the other rental car companies (not national companies), you’ll have to make arrangements with them for pick-up. Learn more at Maui Car Rentals.


maui airport directionsAirport Restaurants & Bars

There are a few places to eat and drink at the Kahului Airport. We’ve never had a very good experience (as can be expected at most airports in the U.S.)

As normal, the prices are jacked up and the service is not very good. It seems that since they work in an airport, staffing at restaurants and bars don’t need to give good service because repeat business is rare. If they do get repeat business, they don’t have much of a choice as to where they dine. It’s a pretty good little racket.


Oversized Baggage

maui airport informationSurfboards and other oversized baggage come out in either of two spots. If you’re looking at the baggage carousels with your back to traffic, they’ll come out of a door in front of you on the far wall, or on the far left side of the area.

Pricing is completely up to your airline. Make sure you get a receipt when you pay. I paid cash in Honolulu to send a few boards. Not only did my boards get smashed, but they also had no record of me paying for them. I had the slip of paper that shows I had a bag, but that was it. I never got any money back or anything. Such a bummer.


maui airport map