carolyn quan

Maui Artist Bio: Caroline Quan

I photograph my subjects with my film-based Nikon F4S camera. With prints, I have a lot of flexibility with sizing and scan resolution.
Maui artists

Maui Artist Bio: Kenn Briner

Art is all around us, many times in close proximity, but sometimes in unexpected places. I try to see “outside the box” of conventional perception.
peggy thompson

Maui Artist Bio: Peggy Thompson

I have used watercolors, pastels, acrylics, pencil, and pen & ink in the past. But, 3 years ago I picked up the palette knife and I have been using it ever since
elan vital

Maui Artist Bio: Elan Vital

 Medium: Utilizing state of the art aerospace enamel, Elan pours up to 70 layers of natural pigments and minerals infused into the enamel to capture the essence of gemstones on canvas. The enamel protects the paintings from UV rays so they can be hung in direc...
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Maui Artist Bio: Ulalena Theatre

Maui is the home to one of the Most incredible theater style shows you may have ever seen. This is one night to mark on your Maui itinerary or calendar.
Maui artists

Maui Artist Bio: Jeanne Gallagher

I must give homage to strokes. Whether it be pastel, watercolor, oil or any other medium. There are miserly strokes. There are rich, fluent, ardent strokes.