Here are some of our favorite Panoramic Photos from recent trips to Kauai, Hawaii.


Hanalei Bay

hanalei beach
Whenever we stay on the Garden Isle, we rent a house in Hanalei Bay on the north shore. We love the beaches and laid back vibe.


Waimea Canyon

Waimea Canyon

In our opinion, Waimea Canyon is even more beautiful than the Grand Canyon.


Taro Fields

taro fields

Taro loves growing in Hawaii, and we love it growing here!


Sunset Clouds

sunset mountains

It rains quite a bit on Kauai, which makes for great cloud formations for sunset.


Rainbow Falls

rainbow falls

This was on a particularly wet day.  Heavy rains caused flash floods and spectacular waterfalls.


Hanalei Bay

puff magic dragon

Puff the Magic Dragon taking a snooze.


Poipu Sunset

poipu sunset

The waves were fun this day at Poipu, and the sunset was highlighted by some gorgeous rain clouds.


Na Pali Coast

na pali coast

Like no place on Earth, the Na Pali Coast is a powerful place to visit and view.



Na Pali

na pali kauai

A different perspective of the same spot from above.



Hanalei Views

hanalei views

Up high hiking, we got some great views of Hanalei from above.


Pau Hana

pau hana sunset

We thought we’d end this page with a pau hana cocktail and sunset.  Mahalo for checking this out and sharing it with your friends!

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