Here are some of our favorite Panoramic Ocean Photos of surfing and waves in general.


Rainbow Wave

We love how it took on rainbow colors.  Photo taken at DT Flemings Beach, West Maui.


West Side Surf Lessons

learning to surf

Surf Lessons off the west coast with Hawaiian Paddle Sports on a calm and beautiful day.


paddling hawaii


Foamy Barrel

foamy barrel

We remember vividly going over the falls with this foamy thing.


Honolua Bay

Honolua Bay

A beautiful, crowded day at Honolua Bay.  We saw whales breaching not far off shore on this day.


Perfect Shorebreak

epic barrel

We got this shot at Baldwin Beach on an unexpectedly large day of surf.


Clean Days

Chris Norberg surfing Maui

We don’t get a lot of clean surf days on Maui (pretty windy here), but when we do, it’s a ton of fun!


Wild One

loose barrel

Another wave at Flemings on the west side.  This one was wild looking!


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  1. Dorinda Schiermeister

    Awesome photos love Hawaii. I would love to live their. I have visited Maui 10 times awesome is all I can say.


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