Here are some of our favorite Panoramic Photos from Molokini Crater and its surrounding area.


Snuba Diving Molokini

snuba Molokini
A snuba diver cruising over the reef at Molokini looking for the perfect shot.  Snuba diving at Molokini has become incredibly popular due to the ability to stay below with ease and no experience.


2-hour Molokini Tours


Molokini view from Big Beach Makena

Molokini Beach
Molokini is closest to Makena Beach, only around 2 miles off shore.  You can see it pretty well from this gorgeous beach.


Backside of Molokini

backside molokini
This is a great view of Molokini’s backside.  That rock wall drops to around 300 feet deep, STRAIGHT DOWN!  Great for scuba divers.


Sunset View of Molokini

molokini crater maui

We love this shot of Molokini and a Porsche Speedster from Maui Roadsters.


molokini copy


A view of South Maui

molokini crater

Here you can see just how close south Maui is to Molokini.  But don’t try to get there without a boat.  People have gone missing trying to kayak it!


Molokai Sea Cliffs


No, this isn’t Molokini, but it’s not too far away.  It’s too beautiful not to share these Molokai sea cliffs somewhere!


Scuba Diving

scuba diving maui

Molokini and areas around south Maui offer amazing scuba diving possibilities.

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