Here are some of our favorite Panoramic Photos from the southern most region of Maui called Makena.


Kai Kanani Beach Entry

Kai Kanani Maui
Kai Kanani is one of the only vessels allowed to pick up passengers directly from the beach.  Here she is about to go snorkeling with some lucky guests.


Makena Drive

makena drive

Cruising Makena is a lot of fun, especially when the road meets the ocean.


Makena Cove

Makena Cove

Natalie Brown strikes again with another gorgeous landscape shot.  This is a very popular spot to get married on Maui.


Makena Cove Rocks

makena cove

Another angle of Makena Cove showing just how small this beach is.


Maui Film Festival

Maui Film Festival

The Celestial Cinema is one of the best venues to watch a movie in the world.


Ahihi Bay

ahihi bay

Protected within the reserve, this is a great spot to snorkel and see loads of fish.




North of La Perouse and south of Ahihi Bay, Dumps has some great snorkeling when waves are not present.


Makena Beach & Golf Resort

maluaka beach

The beach in front of the Makena Beach Golf Resort is one of the best in the world.


La Perouse Lava Flow

Lava fields

Remnants of the last active lava flow on Maui can be found on the southernmost point of Maui.


Little Beach

Little Beach Maui

One of the most interesting beaches on Maui takes a scramble over some rocks to get to.  Little Beach is a sight to see.


Maluaka Beach

Maluaka Beach

Another great shot of one of our top 3 favorite Maui beaches, Maluaka Beach.


White Rock


It’s a shame so many homes have been, and are continuing to be, built on this great beach.  Still, it’s a gem.


Makena Snorkeling

Makena boat

Just on the other side of Little Beach, there’s a fun beach with good snorkeling.


La Perouse Sunrise

La Perouse sunrise

We enjoyed the entirety of this sunrise while trying to get the motor started on a stranded boat.  Worth every minute of it.

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