While the Road to Hana offers several scenic opportunities to get off the beaten path, those looking to do so with the help of an expert local guide should add a Kings Gardens Maui private tour to their Hana Highway agenda. This tour allows you to see one of the first waterfalls on the way to Hana, only 30 minutes from the airport, and experience an ancient Hawaiian tropical rainforest with some of the world’s largest prehistoric dinosaur ferns. This tour could use a little more development, but it’s worth doing if you’re open to an unfussy local tour.

The King's Gardens hike

A first tour stop before Twin Falls, guests can choose from three unique tour options with daily time slots.


Tour Options

Available for guests of all ages, the Waterfall Hike & Garden Tour includes a lively, informative walk through the area’s tropical gardens and rainforest, including an overlook of the secret King’s Waterfall. Learn more about the ancient Royal gardens of the King and see an ancient water tunnel, where you get to navigate through some of the world’s most stunning ferns, and other tropical flora and fauna.

kings waterfall

For the sweet-tooth of your travel group, their Chocolate Tour includes a special chocolate tasting while seeing some of the cacao they grow, including insight into the history of chocolate as well as tastings of chocolate varieties from around the globe. Receive a condensed tour of the Kings Gardens with light snack options, as well as a short hike to view the waterfall of the gardens!

Maui chocolate tour

Road to Hana Tours

The most immersive tour option, the Chocolate Tour & Waterfall Hike encompasses the best of both worlds, including an intimate chocolate tasting as well as the full property hike. Let an engaging, entertaining expert tour guide lead the way, and get a closer look at the real side of Maui’s magical paradise.

Maui made chocolate


Area Highlights

While the majority of the Road to Hana offers plentiful opportunities to explore tropical gardens, we especially love seeing the area’s colorful collection of a number of varieties of gingers, many pf which are found in bath body and culinary products. We also saw edible gourmet poholi ferns, kava plants, and the revered sacred ancient taro plant.

prehistoric dinosaur fern

Even better, tour proceeds go directly toward restoring, preserving and rebuilding the ancient royal heritage gardens, that once flourished on the large wild tropical estate. Also, keep your eye out for the world largest prehistoric dinosaur ferns, that are actual living relics! Really the biggest ferns you’ve ever seen and you get to have your photo taken with them!

This fun, easygoing, intimate tour provides guests the opportunity to learn more about the authentic side of Maui, and makes for an excellent pitstop for further exploration into Hana. Be prepared for possible muddy conditions on your Road to Hana adventure, as this can be one of the wettest areas of Maui, and bring bug spray as it will make your journey to this side of the island that much more enjoyable. Appropriate hiking footwear, like tennis shoes is required.

Book your Kings Gardens Tour by text (808) 633-2889.

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